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Suzanne Huser, a well-known artist in the Granger/Taylor, Texas area, was born and reared in Granger. She has been painting since childhood and began showing her work in 1986. Her works depict the aspects of rural, small town life. Her style is expressively realistic, reflecting the beauty of nature, a fascination of local history and a love for the gentle diversity of a rural area. She was commissioned to do a timeline of GM cars at Covert Chevy Service which depicts GM vehicles from 1896 - 2009.  She has painted historical murals for Sirloin Stockade in Taylor, Round Rock, and Paris.  Her mural at the Taylor Brethren Church features biblical stories with life size paintings of biblical men and women.  Her latest work of a café scene adds European atmosphere to the game room of a Rockport summer home.  Whether it's painting school mascots on gym walls to creating special themes in nurseries for young children to painting individual request for flower pots or posters, Suzanne is multi-talented. She brings to each piece her unique style and perfection. Suzanne lives outside of Taylor with her English Setter, Bella. Her home is filled with examples of her work.
Suzanne L. Huser

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